Este, Danielle and Alana Haim make up one of my new favorite artists. I’ve talked about them a lot on social media it seems, but I wanted to dedicate a post to talking about their music.

I love, love, love artists that are different! Their vocals, drum beats, and overall songwriting are so unique! For some people their music takes a while to start appreciating, but the way they build each song is super cool to me.

With all the artists out there that either a) make me wonder how they got famous in the first place, b) are not very involved in the songwriting process, c) can’t play any instruments, or d) are not involved in the instrumentals and production of their songs, Haim is the kind of artist that I respect. They not only write their own music, but play most of (if not, all), of the instruments. You can tell that these girls know their music. They build their songs usually from drum beats, and add on playing the electric guitar, bass, piano, synth, and vocals.

So where should you start getting to know these girls? Don’t worry, I gotcha. Here’s a little crash course on HAIM:

  1. Want You Back Video

I like music videos like this- ones that are super simple, yet entertain you the whole time. Here’s one of my favorite songs of theirs!

2. Watch them play!!! Valentine Studios

I love seeing them show off how crazy talented they are… like, can I please be that cool?? Make sure to catch the end though, what’s cooler than three sisters drumming together?


3. The Wire

My other favorite. This video’s got a little humor in it, which is always nice.


Enjoy, my people!

Song Explorer- an aid for the music nerd

For my Intro to Digital Hybrid Media Class, my professor had us listen to a couple podcasts on Song Explorer. On this website, artists take apart their music piece by piece. If you want to hear musicians dissect their work, I’d highly recommend to check it out!



I scrolled down and stopped when I saw “La La Land,” of course. It’s my favorite movie, so obviously I want to hear about it. It was the coolest thing to hear the different parts of “Audition.” I heard Emma Stone’s voice stripped of the orchestra, and vice versa, all taken apart with commentary from its creator, Justin Hurwitz. This guy is mega talented, so I loved hearing his thought process and creative journey through making this beautiful song.


Click for La La Land podcast


047e64fa924a9cfa76cd7da210667d73I also listened to a podcast on The Lumineers. It was about their song “Ophelia.” I’d never heard the song before but I’ve liked some of their music so I wanted to learn more about them. I loved listening to the behind-the-scenes clips of the artists working on the song and hearing their thought processes. My favorite part of the podcast was when they were telling the story of stomping on a wood floor in a random corner of the studio with their boots for a beat.


Click here for the Lumineers podcast

Anyway, super random but I hope your enjoy dissecting music!
*not my photos!

Sit down and chill out!

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I had this week booked. My schedule was lit up like a Christmas tree. I tend to do that to myself.


But this week, on top of my normally busy schedule, I started a new job that required many hours at the beginning of the week to train, I was stressed out about a couple assignments at school not going the way I wanted, and I had a really cool social media job set for this weekend.

Stylecon is a national convention where bloggers, makeup artists, stylists, etc. meet from all around the country. It’s supposed to have a couple thousand attendees at the Dallas one this year. And guess what? I was contacted to run their social media for the weekend! The Stylecon people looked at my Instagram when I applied to volunteer for the event and decided to have me run their Instagram and Snapchat for the event. You can imagine I was pumped! (This goes out to the haters that think social media is useless…)


Also, I had a friend coming in this weekend. My plan?

Run the social media for a national convention, not miss a single hangout my friends were having (which is a lot, let me tell you), go to an SMU football game with my family, not miss my Friday class, pick up an 8-hour work shift, go to church, and study for a few hours. All in one weekend.

Was I stressed?

Yeah, but what else is new?

Did all this happen?

Pshhh, no.


Times like this, God likes to tell me to chill. Because I think I am Superwoman and can handle everything all the time, and apparently I can’t.

So I got sick.


I tried to shake it off, but after one of my work shifts I decided to lay in bed, and I kinda just stayed there.

I called my mom, who conveniently lives 40 minutes from SMU with no traffic, and she came to bring me medicine. But after seeing that I had a fever or whatever, she decided to bring me home home.

And here I have been for three days. Just lying here. I had to cancel on 9 people in the last two days. And Stylecon.

I was bummed.

But you know what?

I was forced to chill. I needed that. I need to learn to stop.


Being sick shouldn’t be the only thing that gets me to lie down and do nothing. It’s healthy to just sit and breathe every once in a while, you know?

It sucks sometimes, but there are days that I really need to just stop. And breathe. And think.

I’m slowly recovering, and it helped that my best friends risked their healthy lives to visit me and bring me food, but I realized a few things while sitting in bed:

  • I really wanted to help with Stylecon because I wanted to be cool. But I don’t need to prove my coolness!
  • I got to thinking a lot about this blog and I really want to dedicate more time to it.
  • In Luke 10 there’s a story about Mary and Martha. Martha was super busy doing a million things at once and was mad at Mary for not helping, but Jesus told Martha that Mary was in the right for having her priorities straight and just sitting at his feet. I need to watch myself so I don’t become a Martha. I can’t think that the many little things in life outweigh the important things.
  • Ginger tea is the BOMB. I think I’ve been drinking 25 cups a day.



A Documentation of My Coffee Shop Obsession

I noticed that when one scrolls down an Instagram feed, there are certain themes. Things that recur and develop a narrative if you stitch up all the matching posts. The development of a relationship, a talent, or an obsession can sometimes be traced in Instagram history.

I decided to document my obsession with coffee and coffee shops by taking screenshots of my personal Instagram account (@isagram.98, wink wink…), and embellishing it with some artwork I’ve posted in my art Instagram account (@artsyrosebud, nudge nudge…) and further decorating it with some random doodles and notes. I made it in a very long format so that one could do the ever-familiar, Insta-esque, scrolling motion.

Coffe InstaStory