Song Explorer- an aid for the music nerd

For my Intro to Digital Hybrid Media Class, my professor had us listen to a couple podcasts on Song Explorer. On this website, artists take apart their music piece by piece. If you want to hear musicians dissect their work, I’d highly recommend to check it out!



I scrolled down and stopped when I saw “La La Land,” of course. It’s my favorite movie, so obviously I want to hear about it. It was the coolest thing to hear the different parts of “Audition.” I heard Emma Stone’s voice stripped of the orchestra, and vice versa, all taken apart with commentary from its creator, Justin Hurwitz. This guy is mega talented, so I loved hearing his thought process and creative journey through making this beautiful song.


Click for La La Land podcast


047e64fa924a9cfa76cd7da210667d73I also listened to a podcast on The Lumineers. It was about their song “Ophelia.” I’d never heard the song before but I’ve liked some of their music so I wanted to learn more about them. I loved listening to the behind-the-scenes clips of the artists working on the song and hearing their thought processes. My favorite part of the podcast was when they were telling the story of stomping on a wood floor in a random corner of the studio with their boots for a beat.


Click here for the Lumineers podcast

Anyway, super random but I hope your enjoy dissecting music!
*not my photos!

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