New Products! Lightbulb Design on Society6


A new product design is now available in my Society 6 store! So excited, this is the first of a series of designs I am launching to revamp my Society 6 account. Please check out the store for the above products in various sizes and colors, as well as other designs and products to chose from! Also, stay tuned for more stuff being posted!

Artsyrosebud on Society 6

*Disclaimer: Though I do earn a couple bucks every time something is purchased from me on Society6 (the more expensive the product, the more I get), it’s only a fraction of the cost. These products are super high quality so you will get your money’s worth (make sure to watch the product videos!), but I will only get about 1/5th of the earnings. Hopefully someday I will be able to print my own products and sell them directly, but until then Society6 is a great place to start and to see what products people like and what they don’t. Just an fyi!

Finding Dory | Movie Review

(The following review is absolutely spoiler-free!!!)


My grandma, mom and I went to see “Finding Dory” to finish off the celebration of my 18th birthday. We almost didn’t go, because we hadn’t heard much about it besides the fact that it was existing. But I wanted to see it no matter how good it may turn out to be. I mean, we’ve waited 13 years for this!

“Finding Dory” did not disappoint. I loved it! It was everything I needed it to be, having grown up with the last movie. It gave us everything we loved about “Finding Nemo,” with new surprises. Made us feel happy, sad, stressed, excited, and happy again. As can be expected from a movie about Dory, there were plenty of laughs. I was also impressed with the love-able new characters, the animation that seemed advanced yet consistent with the previous installment, and the story line that always kept you guessing.

Pixar did it again!

Below is an entry into my little notebook of movie reviews. I wrote it late at night so hopefully you can read my handwriting!


Hillside Farmacy


My family and I recently made an overnight trip to Austin. While we were there, we visited the cutest little restaurant called Hillside Farmacy. Obviously, it’s a play on “pharmacy”, and that is because the building used to be a drugstore. But the place still sells specialty food items like sauces on the original 1950’s shelving. The place is easy to miss, but totally photographable. Plus, the food’s great!


The Hillside Farmacy Website