New Products! Lightbulb Design on Society6


A new product design is now available in my Society 6 store! So excited, this is the first of a series of designs I am launching to revamp my Society 6 account. Please check out the store for the above products in various sizes and colors, as well as other designs and products to chose from! Also, stay tuned for more stuff being posted!

Artsyrosebud on Society 6

*Disclaimer: Though I do earn a couple bucks every time something is purchased from me on Society6 (the more expensive the product, the more I get), it’s only a fraction of the cost. These products are super high quality so you will get your money’s worth (make sure to watch the product videos!), but I will only get about 1/5th of the earnings. Hopefully someday I will be able to print my own products and sell them directly, but until then Society6 is a great place to start and to see what products people like and what they don’t. Just an fyi!

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