Este, Danielle and Alana Haim make up one of my new favorite artists. I’ve talked about them a lot on social media it seems, but I wanted to dedicate a post to talking about their music.

I love, love, love artists that are different! Their vocals, drum beats, and overall songwriting are so unique! For some people their music takes a while to start appreciating, but the way they build each song is super cool to me.

With all the artists out there that either a) make me wonder how they got famous in the first place, b) are not very involved in the songwriting process, c) can’t play any instruments, or d) are not involved in the instrumentals and production of their songs, Haim is the kind of artist that I respect. They not only write their own music, but play most of (if not, all), of the instruments. You can tell that these girls know their music. They build their songs usually from drum beats, and add on playing the electric guitar, bass, piano, synth, and vocals.

So where should you start getting to know these girls? Don’t worry, I gotcha. Here’s a little crash course on HAIM:

  1. Want You Back Video

I like music videos like this- ones that are super simple, yet entertain you the whole time. Here’s one of my favorite songs of theirs!

2. Watch them play!!! Valentine Studios

I love seeing them show off how crazy talented they are… like, can I please be that cool?? Make sure to catch the end though, what’s cooler than three sisters drumming together?


3. The Wire

My other favorite. This video’s got a little humor in it, which is always nice.


Enjoy, my people!

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