Watercolor Pencil and Calligraphy Ink

After outlining lightly with pencil, I went over it with a calligraphy pen, adding in shading and details.
Here’s what it looked like after the ink! (Psst… it’s easier than it looks!)
I started to add in color by roughly coloring it with Prismacolor watercolor pencils…
…  and brushing water on it with a small detail brush!
Here’s the finished product! I’m thinking of calling it “Down Friendship Lane”. It was from a picture of my little sister (2nd from the left) and her three best friends. It’s my first try with my new Prismacolor watercolor pencils! They were a good buy!

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Pencil and Calligraphy Ink”

  1. Hi Isabel, tito mel here. What magnificent artworks you have. I am very proud of how much you have grown to become a great artist and inspired as well that you are using this gift to glorify our God. Way too cool! Am very sure that your dad and mom and “kachinkoy” (katrina :)) are so proud of you too. I did a mural painting last year using acrylic colors in my office, wanted to send pictures of it to you. You may want one day to try mural painting as well if you haven’t tried doing one. I am a fan of yours already and will definitely follow your posts.please send my regards to your mom and dad.keep it up!

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