Dallas Art Museum

My childhood best friend came back into town, bringing along her boyfriend. The three of us explored Dallas a bit, making a stop at the Dallas Museum of Art.

I love them to death, but don’t even try to bring athletes to an art museum. They’re both in college with huge golf scholarships and are crazy good at what they do, but couldn’t last very long at an art museum. Meanwhile, there was me. I could’ve spent the whole day there, but it’s okay. We went and got popsicles.


0561BF9D-2BF4-4092-901C-3DBFDF63B804Here are a couple of my favorite pieces we saw in our visit. The one above impressed me with its amazing texture. F20D1924-54F5-4E63-A7C5-0E5A77FA56C0

This one was by Félix Hilaire But, called “At the Boulevard de Clichy.” It was in a small section about French sketches. I loved it because it was just pencil, watercolor, and paper, some of my most used mediums, yet it was so masterfully created. The minimalism and simplicity of the lines and the fact that it wasn’t very detailed, yet each stroke served its purpose, amazed me.

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